War Horse APC

The War Horse is a simple, battle tested design.  It is designed to be piloted by a crew of 2, a driver, and a co-pilot.  It can fit 18 people in the Personnel section, and up to 9 size 1 power armor soldiers.  The heavy laser is on a turret for both ground and anti air applications.

Size 6, Acc/Ts 20/45, Toughness 30(13 MD), Remaining Mods: 4, Crew: 2+18

Mods: All Terrain, Amphibious, Crew Space x3, Armor x4, Reinforced Chassis x1, Speed x3  

Heavy Laser Turret

20-3=17-4=13-1=12-1=11-3=8-1=7-3 = 4

War Horse APC

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