War Horse APC

The War Horse is a simple, battle tested design.  It is designed to be piloted by a crew of 2, a driver, and a co-pilot.  It can fit 18 people in the Personnel section, and up to 9 size 1 power armor soldiers.  The heavy laser is mounted on the top rear of the vehicle, and can be operated manually with 1/2 cover, or remotely from the front cab or the rear personnel area.  It is not named for its aethetics, it is named for its ability to keep on going through thick and thin.


Size 6, Acc/Ts 20/45, Toughness 30(13 MD), Remaining Mods: 4, Crew: 2+18

Mods: All Terrain, Amphibious, Crew Space x3, Armor x4, Reinforced Chassis x1, Speed x3  

Heavy Laser Turret

20-3=17-4=13-1=12-1=11-3=8-1=7-3 = 4

War Horse APC

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