Titan Robotics

TR-004 Titan Heavy Combat Robot Armor

A beefed up version of the TR-001, designed solely for heavy combat roles against other armor and large monsters.  The entire left arm is a heavy rail gun.  Cost: 35 Million 

Size 8, Toughness 48(30) MDC, Crew 1+1, Strength d12 + 7, Pace 15

1 x Heavy Rail Gun (Left Arm)

1x Dual Linked Medium Laser (Chest)

1x Medium Ion Cannon (Belly Turret)   

2x Light Missile Launcher(Shoulders)

2x Medium Missile Launcher(Shoulders)

1x Rocket Launcher(Wrist)

Robot Armor Vibro Sword (Right Arm) – Str + d12 + 1 MD AP 4

Titan Robotics

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