Setari Magi

The Setari Magi are a large race of three eyed magic users that hail from a magic rich dimensions without advanced technology.  They are naturally attuned to the ebb and flow of natural energies.  They are about 8 feet tall, and have developed tough bodies from centuries of channeling magical energies.  Their third eye lets them see in the dark.


Intelligent.  Smarts begins at d6.  (2)

Power Points.  + 10 PPE.  (2)

Low Light Vision. 

Natural Caster.  Starts with AB:Magic, 10 PPE, and 3 Powers from Ley Line Walker list.  If takes an IF with AB:Magic then get +5 PPE, and 1 extra power instead.  Spellcasting begins at d6.  (3)

Size + 1.  (1)

Wizarding Legacy.  Starts with the Wizard Edge.  (2)



Cyber Resistant.  (1)

Distinctive D-Bee Obvious.  (2)

Hindrance: All Thumbs.  (1)

Hindrance: Clueless.  (2)

Hindrance: Hard of Hearing (Minor).  (1)

Non Standard Physiology.  (1)

Restricted Path ISP.  (1)


Setari Magi

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