Ratling is a catch all term for any humanoid rodent species.  There are two kinds of ratlings, natural ratlings and genetically engineered ratlings.  For mechanical terms, they are the same.


Agile.  Agility starts at d6.  (2)

Cyber Tolerant.  Begins with Upgradeable Edge.  (2)

Fast.  + 2 Pace, + 1 Run Die Type.  (1)

Keen Nose.  + 2 on scent based Notice checks.  (1)

Low Light Vision.  (1)

Prehensile Tail.  Reach 1.  (1)

Sneaky Street Rats.  Starts with Stealth d6, and Streetwise d6.  (2)  


Bad Reputation.  (1)

Distinctive D-Bee Obvious.  (2)

Hindrance, Major.  Yellow Hindrance.  (2)

Hindrance, Minor.  Phobia of Felines.  (1)

Skittish.  -1 to Spirit Rolls.  (2)



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