Knightmare Arms

Knightmare is a new weapons company based out of Kingsdale.  They make both normal and TW guns and vehicles.  They are newly famous for a series of TW airship designs that offer a new take on an old concept and new world functionality.  Knightmare is run by a local Kingsdale resident named Cornwall Threadbore.  




Green Knight Robot Armor

Size 4, Toughness 21(8), Strength d12 + 4, Pace 10

Light Ion Cannon(Right Arm)

Dual Link Light Laser(Eyes)

Shoulder Mounted Plasma Ejector(24/48/96 3d10 MD RoF 1)

Mini Missile Launcher(Back)

Vibro Sword(Leg Sheathed) d12 + 1 MD AP 4


Knightmare Arms

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