KDF – Free Kingdom Defense 

Tactical Sit-Rep – 120 PA – Desmond Donner, as dictated from Warlord of the Free Kingdom

"Currently, the Coalition represents the greatest tactical threat to The Kingdom.  The overwhelming military strength of the CS cannot be denied.  Logistically, a full scale invasion is a highly vulnerable strategy.  The proximity of "no mans lands" both north and south of the populated area creates a natural barrier to invasion.  The heavy ley line and rift activity around the area creates more difficulty for them than us.  Individually, our soldiers are worth more, but they have many, many more of them.  

Chance of invasion with in 1 year:  0%

2 Years: 2.5%

3 Years: 5 %

5 Years: 10%

10 Years: 25%

25 Years: 75%

As we can see, based on tactical analysis, we can see that over a longer period of time, the CS will most likely grow more aggressive, and if able to focus its efforts will probably try to invade, despite mitigating factors.

Recommend expanding all aspects of the KDF, committing to doubling the standing force over the next ten years. 


1 Corp / 2 Divisions / 3 Brigades / 7 Battalions PLUS 1 Brigade = 30,891 Troops (Full Strength)

About 25,000 active troops.

First Division

First Brigade – Donner's Division

Second Brigade – Iron Knights – Armor Brigade

Third Brigade – Iron Sentinels – Security Brigade

Seventh Brigade – Magic Militia – Magic/Psi Brigade

Second Division

Fourth Brigade – Iron Rangers – Ranger Brigade

Fifth Brigade  - Iron Lancers – Calvary Brigade

Sixth Brigade – Iron Spears – Mobile Infantry


Donner's Division

First Brigade is the HQ, Intelligence, and Veteran Reserve of the original mercenary army paid to protect Kingsdale.  Many of the long time members found officers commissions and assignment to special units, reporting directly to HQ.  Made up mostly of augmented soldiers, they are extremely effective, and capable of operating in many different capacities and military roles.  Juicers were moved to other brigades, and tend to stay in more mobile divisions.  First Brigade is the heart and soul of the KDF, but it is also its veteran reserve and spec ops division, giving the KDF a strong intelligence capacity for its relatively small size.  Years of service can readily be exchanged for cybernetic, crazy, and juicer augmentation, giving them a ready supply of troops coming in.    


The Iron Knights

Second Brigade is made up of the armor and heavy support troops.  Many of these troops are veterans of years of conflict, and are very familiar with the tactics of the enemy.  Currently, the KDF is trying to upgrade these units as much as possible, with the goal of countering CS Armor, and large, problematic supernatural beings. 

Two Platoons of Glitter Boy Power Armor, 84 Total.  Many of these are elite pilots from Donner's personal guard, and a handful of them are famous in the region, and have an active following of fans.  Paired with two platoons of support power armor and mobile calvary type units, this company is nicknamed "The Knights in Silver" by the media relations support division of the KDF.

The Iron Sentinels

Comprised of local law enforcement groups, and the individual militias of each city.  Each able bodied person must serve 2 years to gain full citizenship, and many of them serve as peace officers, or in local militia patrols.  Having these groups under a military structure makes them more efficient.  The legal aspect of the law enforcement is left to the government, and the Keepers(aka Police) are only responsible for keeping the peace, and keeping custody.  They operate through a liason office, and all orders are vetted through HW to ensure oversight of the police force.  Militia Patrols are a platoon of irregulars, often mounted in light mdc vehicles, or even on horseback.  Military style combat training gives these irregulars more bite than one might expect.  They usually specialize in small unit, guerilla tactics, and sabotage.  Those who show promise are recruited into other brigades.



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