Cactus People

Cactus People are strange plan  based D-Bees that are peaceful and only seem to care about growing and harvesting crops and produce.  They do not speak in the normal sense of the word, and rely on their natural telepathic abilities to communicate.  They are peaceul creatures that enjoy a simple life of giving and service to others.  They also are known for cultivating strange and powerful herbs that are not normally known to grow, and it is rumored that Cactus people can make any plant grow anywhere with their secret horticultural techniques.  

Flowering Pheromones.  + 1 Charisma.  (1)

Low Light Vision.  (1)

No Vital Organs.  (1)

Poisonous Touch, Vigor Penalty.  (3)  

Regeneration, Full Recuperation.  (3)  

Telepathic.  Can communicate mentally with anyone with in line of sight.  This only affect the user and does not grant the ability to read minds, so anyone who cannot use telepathy will not be able to respond mentally.  Can speak out to (Spirit) number of beings at once.  (1)

Tough Fibers.  + 1 Toughness.  (1)


Cannot Speak.  (1) 

Cyber Resistant.  (1)

Dependency: Sunlight.  (2)

Distinctive D-Bee Obvious.  (2)

Environmental Weakness: Cold.  (1)

Hindrance: Pacifist Minor.  (1)

Restricted Path PPE.  (1)  

Cactus People

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