0 PA  - The coming of the Rifts, The Dark Ages

109 PA- The fall of Tolkeen

114 PA – The Free Kingdom is founded by the Kingsdale Senate.  

115 PA – The Federation of Magic chooses to formally recognize the Free Kingdom as an independent state, but aggressively courts them as an ally against the coalition and engages in actively trying to influence the kingdom through the Kingsdale Magic Guild.

115 PA – The Coalition declares the Free Kingdom as a rogue state and refuses any diplomatic ties.  They declare war, but in formality only, as they are engaged in a growing conflict with encroaching bugs.

115 PA – The Xiticix start exhibiting new behaviors, and are seem gathering in huge swarms, and then flying in a huge circular pattern, causing storms and increased ley line activity over the surrounding area.  

116 PA – The first attack from a Xiticix Storm hits a coalition forward base in the RQZ and wipes out everything and everyone there, leaving only mass resin deposits in their wake.       


The Free Kingdom - Savage Rifts 120 P.A. stonefur