0 PA  - The coming of the Rifts, The Dark Ages

109 PA- The fall of Tolkeen

113 PA – The "Great Bug Hunt" begins.  The Coalition and their allies engage in a scorched earth campaign on the to closest hives, eradicating them with overwhelming odds in a six month span.

113 PA – In response to the Great Bug Hunt, the remaining hives whip into a frenzy, and a swarm of 500,000 bugs attack the Minnesota Territories, leaving thousands dead in their wake.  As soon as they come, they are gone.  The CS losses are heavy, especially to the air units.  The CS commander is demoted, and replaced with a veteran of the Tolkeen war.

114 PA – The coalition slowly gains ground on the Xixitic, pushing them back into the northwest.  A massive ley line storm rips through the Ruins of Tolkeen, leading to a chain reaction of magical collapses that closes most of the Rifts and realigns the ley lines in the area. 

116 PA – The Free Kingdom is founded.


The Free Kingdom - Savage Rifts 117 P.A. stonefur