The Free Kingdom


Population: 1.2 Million (120 PA)

Humans 54%

The Free Kingdom is an extension of the City-State of Kingsdale.  With a few other cities, and Castle Refuge, the small territory now encompasses a population just over a million, with a state army numbering just over 25, 000, with 30% of those being magic users or psionics.  The KDF is the acronym for the state army.  Officially, the Tomorrow Legion is an independent group, but unofficially, they work closely with the local government.  


The Free Kingdom is ruled by a King, that is elected to serve for 100 years, or life, which ever comes first.  The King is elected by special representatives from each major settlement, called an Elector.  The Electors also make up the Senate, which advises the King in all matters.  They also are the King's right hands, and responsible for implementing his decree.  


Cities of the Free Kingdom


The Tomorrow Legion

The City State of Whykin

The Free Kingdom

The Free Kingdom - Savage Rifts 120 P.A. stonefur