Military Organization

When dealing with large, modernized armies, it is important to understand the numbers involved.

The following is a collection of notes on typical military structures and how they are organized.

The BCT is the basis of the US military as of its post 2000 efforts to expand and reorganize.

BCT = Brigade Combat Team = 4413 Soldiers in 7 Battalions

3x Infantry Battalions 

HQ Company

Rifle Company x 3

Weapons Company

Recon/Calvary Battalion

HQ Company

Mounted Recon Company x2

Dismounted Recon Company 

Field Artillery/Armor Company

Artillery/Armor HQ

Artillery/Armor Company

Power Armor Company


Brigade Engineer Battalion

Brigade Support Battalion


Power armor should be classified on whether or not is is capable of flight.  Airborne power armor should be part of airborne or calvary units, while ground based armor should be grouped with robot armor and combat vehicles.





Military Organization

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