Gear and Vehicles

Power Armor Notes:  The "rules" for creating power armor are murky at best.  For balance purposes, Power Armor suits have a cap of Size + 1 Mods for weapons.  So a size 3 power armor suit cannot have more than 4 mods worth of weapons.  Handheld vehicle weapons that are part of the armor do not give additional mods as suggested since everyone gets it now anyways.  In addition, each suit can have up to 2 built in personal ranged or close combat weapons.  Each 2 additional personal ranged or combat weapon cost 1 mod, rounded up.  Personal ranged weapons are limited by range, so that should be enough balance there.  Robot armor doesn't suffer from this limitation, and realistically, should be armed like a vehicle, so the cap for robot vehicle should be size x 2 worth of weapon mods.  So a size 8 Robot armor shouldn't have more than 16 weapon mods. 

VEHICLE RAIL GUN NOTE:  Drum Fed cost + 1 Mod but triples shot capacity.



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Gear and Vehicles

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