Custom MARS Fortune and Glory Table

1.  Say Hello to Cactus Jack.  Starts with d6 Fighting Skill.  Choose any one close combat weapon you can use as part of your starting gear.  You gain the Trademark Weapon Edge for this weapon, and any Trademark weapon you use has an additional +1 Damage Bonus.

2.  A Strong Suit of Armor.  You may choose any one suit of Body Armor and add any two of the modifiers listed on the Body Armor Table in the Hero’s Journey section. They must be two different modifiers, not the same one twice.

3.  A Way to Get Around.  Starts with either D6 Driving OR D6 Piloting Skill.  Starts with one vehicle of choice as part of starting gear, as approved by the GM.

4. Agile and Dexterous.  Add one die type to Agility and starts with either the Ambidextrous or Quick Edge.  

5.  Smart and Learned.  Adds one die type to Smarts, and starts with a D6 in any three Smarts linked skills of your choice.  

6.  Spirited and Determined.  Adds one die type to Spirit, starts with D6 Persuasion, and starts with the Elan Edge.

7.  Strong and Powerful.  Adds one die type to Strength, and starts with Block OR Brawny Edge.

8.  Vigorous and Tough.  Adds one die type to Vigor, and starts with Hard to Kill OR Nerves of Steel Edge.  

9.  Exceptional Stock.  Add one die type one Attribute of your choice, and start with the Rich Edge.

10.  Charming and Well Traveled.  Starts with Charismatic, I Know A Guy Edges.  Also, starts with D6 Persuasion, and D6 Streetwise Skill

11.  Fortune Favors The Bold.  Starts with Brave and Luck Edges.

12.  This Is My Boomstick.  Starts with D6 Shooting.  Choose any one personal ranged weapon you can use as part of your starting gear.  You gain the Trademark Weapon Edge for this weapon.  You get an additional +1 Damage when using a Trademark Weapon.

13.  Perceptive and Alert.  Starts with D6 Notice Skill.  Also gains the Alertness and Danger Sense Edge.    

14.  Wrong Side of the Law.  Starts with D6 Climb, D6 Lockpicking, and D6 Stealth.  Also, starts with the Connections, and Thief Edge. 

15.  Hidden Talents.  Choose one Professional Edge, One Weird Edge, and One Wild Card Edge, ignoring requirements.  

16.  Hedge Mage.  Starts with Arcane Background: Magic, 10 PPE, D6 Spellcasting Skill, and selects 3 powers from the list available to Ley Line Walkers.  If you already have the Arcane Background:Magic, instead gain 2 rolls on the Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadget Table, or the Magic&Mysticism Table.

17.  Natural Psychic.  Starts with Arcane Background: Psionics, 10 ISP, D4 Psionics Skill, and selects 3 powers from the list available to Mind Melters.  If you already have this Arcane Background instead gain 2 Heroes Jouney rolls on the Enchanted Item/Mystic Gear or Psionics Tables.

18.  Leader of Men.  Starts with Command and Natural Leader Edges.  Also, starts with D6 Intimidation, and D6 nowledge(Battle) Skill.   

19.  Tis A Flesh Wound.  Starts with the Fast Healer Edge and may make a natural healing roll once per day, instead of once per week.

20.  Choose Your Fate.  Select any one other result on this table, or gain 2 rolls on any Heroes Journey Table you could normally select.

Custom MARS Fortune and Glory Table

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