Sample - Crazy - Cantankorus (Psi Stalker)


Psi Stalker

Agility d12, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d12
Pace = 8" Run D8
Parry: 7
Toughness: 2+6 = 8 + Armor = 13(5)

Fighting D10, Intimidation D6, Psionics D6, Riding D6, Shooting D8, Streetwise D6, Survival D6, Taunt D6, Throwing D8, Tracking D6,

Edges: Arcane Background Psionics, Ambidexterity, Mentalist, Scrounger, Connections(Black Market), Quick

Hindrances: Clueless, All Thumbs, Curious

Abilities and Bonuses: Animal Empathy, Fast, Psychic Sense, Natural Healing Once per Day, Ignore 2 points of Range Penalties, Super Reflexes(any attack the Crazy is aware of gets -2.), Half Normal Sleep, +4 to resist Fatigue. Psychic Sense(Detect Arcana at will)

Complications and Penalties: Outsider, Psychic Vampire, Racial Enemy, Restricted Path PPE, Needs Action, Distinctive Appearance, Phobia Major Being Underground

ISP: 20

Deflection (Precognition aka Jazz Trapping),
Smite (Bio-Electric Aura, Spasms Trapping, Activated when Fighting Roll hits with a raise),
Teleport (Eyes Glow, Blinks to new location, -1 to be hit with ranged attacks until next action)

Gear: SFD Huntsman Armor, Wilks 237, Wilks 447, Vibro-Sword, NG-S2 Survival Pack, 600 Credits


Hero’s Journey

Psionics – 13 – Mentalist Edge
Psionics – 6 – +10 ISP
Training – 1 – +5 Skill Points for Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing

Underworld&Black Ops – 15 – Scounger, Connections(Black Market)
Experience – 12 – +2 Common Knowledge North America, +2 Survival and Streetwise in North America

Cantankorus is a psi stalker originally from a plains tribe. He came to Kingsdale at a young age when he was sold into servitude to a lumber baron as a personal “magic” sniffer. He was kept mostly starved, and finally escaped at 16. He ran away to Kingsdale and registered with the City as a “Person of Supernatural Origin In Need”, and agreed to serve 2 years i the City Militia in exchange for their assistance. Once in he militia, he decided to under go the MOM augmentation and join a special unit of just military psychics. Tow more years would pay for his MOM implants. After that stint, he became a mercenary. He joined up with Cross a year ago, and has not looked back. Growing up wild has left him ignorant to the ways of the world, but he has real world experience, and has traveled as far as Florida and Canada. He knows people all over the place, and despite his awkward disposition, he never forgets a name and a face. His MOM conversion left him mostly sane, except for an overwhelming fear of being under ground. He goes into a manic state and must get above ground as soon as possible, and will attack anything in his way.

Sample - Crazy - Cantankorus (Psi Stalker)

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