Sample - Combat Cyborg - Yellow Zeke


Zeke the Cyborg

Zeke is a great shot, and has a military sniper skill program loaded in his Skill Port. There was a problem during his conversion, and his fear centers were made hyperactive, and Zeke can forget that he is a cyborg when frightened. As much as he wants to save up for a cool vehicular laser, Zeke just cant seem to make his money stay in his pocket, so he is constantly working, trying to recover his impulse buying. Zeke forgets that he doesn’t need combs and shampoo anymore.

Agility D10, Smarts D8, Spirit D8, Strength D12+2, Vigor D12

Fighting D6, Shooting D12 + 2*, Intimidation D6, Notice D6, Shooting D6, Streetwise D6, Throwing D6

Charisma: -2
Pace = 8", 1d10 Run DIe
Toughness: 2 + 6 +3 (Bionic Body) + 1 (Size) + 8 MDC Armor = 20(8)

Hindrances: Yellow, Cautious, Poverty
Edges: Fleet Footed, Rock and Roll, Dodge

Abilities and Bonuses: +2 to recover from Shaken, Ignore One level of Wound Penalties, Immune to Poison and Disease, FEP Breathing apparatus. Deals Str + D6 Mega Damage in unarmed combat.

Complications: -2 to Non Combat Agility Rolls, Malfunctions, Inhuman
Max Strain = 6

Current Strain = 1+1 = 2

Cybernetics: Audio Package, Bionic Body(Strength d12+2, Agility d10, Vigor d12, no max), Core Electronics Package, Optics Package, Armor Plating, Reinforced Frame, Wired Skill Port(4 Step Load), Range Data System

Gear: Mini Rail Gun, NG-56 Light Ion Pistol, Chain Greatsword, 2000 Credits


Hero’s Journey Rolls

Cybernetics – 7 – Wired Skill Port with Four Step Skill load
Cybernetics – 10 – Range Data System
Training – 15 – One Combat Edge

Tactics -

Heavy Support with Mini Rail Gun, Fire Support, Secondary Close Combatant

Sample - Combat Cyborg - Yellow Zeke

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