Arcadia Amberheart

Demigoddess and Elector of Kingsdale


Agility d10, Smarts d10, Spirit d12, Strength d12 + 4, Vigor 12 + 2

Fighting d10, Divine Magic d12, Intimidation d6, Knowledge(Arcana) d10, Notice d10, Persuasion d12, Riding d10, Shooting d8

Edges: AB Miracles(Divine Magic), Master of Magic

Abilities: Nigh Immortal

PPE: 50

Divine Magic Powers: Armor, Banish, Beast Friend, Burst, Disguise, Divination, Entangle, Environmental Protection, Fear, Growth/Shrink, Healing, Greater Healing, Quickness, Succor, Warrior’s Gift

Magical Gear -

Amberheart Rune Sword – Intelligent Relic From Fantasy Companion

Greatsword – Special – + 3 Damage – Quick Draw, Command, Block
Str + d10 + 3, Parry -1

4 Attributes, Skills 13, Personality 2, Goals 1

Smarts d6, Spirit d10
Boating d6, Survival d12, Swimming d6, Tracking d10
Crude, Lazy (Wants to act like an animal)
Goal: Acquire Fame and Glory


Arcadia Amberheart

The Free Kingdom - Savage Rifts 120 P.A. stonefur