The Free Kingdom - Savage Rifts 120 P.A.

Welcome to the Free Kingdom


Welcome to Kingsdale…

It is 120 P.A.  The once small city of Kingsdale has blossomed into a small metropolis of over 500,000 people.  After the Fall of Tolkeen, thousands of refugees fled south to Kingsdale and out West, leading to a boom in population both in and around the city.  With the coming of the Legion of Tomorrow, many of these people got the help they needed to create new towns and villages.  Kingsdale became even more important as one of the only "free" cities in the region.  Refugees from all over make their way south, and swell the population of the new kingdom.  Protected from a major coalition attack by their location, the government sees an oppurtunity to plant a new flag, and supported by those who fled tolkeen before the Sorcerer's Revenge, it became a revolution known as The Free Kingdom.  Technically, the area is disputed by the coalition, but Kingsdale is too far south, and separated from New Chillcothe by wild lands covered in ley lines, rifts, and d-bees.  The same hold true from the south, with nothern arkansas being a magic infested no mans land.  To the east, is Whykin, the only real threat to the new kingdom. 

The Free Kingdom gambles on its position that the Federation of Magic and the Coalition are more worried about each other.  In the mean time, the boom is on, and the Free Kingdom is open for business.  And Coranado Cross is set to cash in….  




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