The Free Kingdom - Savage Rifts 120 P.A.

Silver Stars Security

On a simple escort mission from the West, Coronado Cross and his small band of mercenaries enjoys an easy paycheck keeping a hover train safe, and running point to scout out for trouble.  It was a five day trek, but so far, beyond a few Simvan, nothing eventful had transpired.  Always a silver tongued devil, Coronado had already talked a few more green horns into signing on with him, once they reached Kingsdale of course.  He engaged his jump jets, and his power armor hissed as the system engaged, and he launched forward, bounding along like an astronaut on the moon.  He raced ahead, trying to reach the top of a small hill from which he could survey the upcoming terrain.  As he got closer, his sensors started to register a large amount of EM interference, and he sees the skies, growing dark and angry.  Surging to the top of the hill, he could finally see it in the distance.  The rift was seething, and the ley line storm was brewing ahead.  Coronado could see this was going to be a bad one, and noted the single ley line, raising the question as to what caused such a surge.  His years had taught him many things, and though he did not use magic, he studied it as a matter of interest.  He knew that generally ley line activity like this occurred in more magically satuated areas.  The hair on the back of his neck stood up, as a huge bolt of lightning split the sky, and crashed down to the ground, ripping the rift open even further.  Coronado shuddered as he felt the energy of the storm start to disperse into the area.  Something was wrong, and he could guess that someone was causing the disturbance…


He radioed to his partner, Marcus, currently piloting his Gunwolf armor, ready for action.  He called out for a general stop of the convoy to set up camp due to the storm.  He and Marcus would go take a look.  Coronado bounded back to the Gunwolf's position, and lept up onto its back, now ready to get a better look at the situation ahead.



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